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What customers and EXperts say:

Robert B. Milligan
"As a turnkey integration engineering firm, we rely on cutting edge technology, superior products and solid engineering from our suppliers. REMBE® has it all and then some. We recently designed and installed Explosion Protection on multiple pieces of equipment for a sweetener manufacturer. This included protecting vessels, receivers, dust collectors and silos. REMBE® provided the solution, guided the installation and commissioned the systems, while minimizing the disruption to the plant's operations. They provided a superior solution, and saved our customer money in the process. Great Success!"
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Radandt
Managing Director
"Explosion safety products from REMBE® meet the highest safety and quality standards because the company consistently focuses on customers' needs, product inventions and their consulting approach. It participates in research and development projects run by the FSA and thus contributes to improving the state of the technology. REMBE® invests heavily in testing its systems and therefore has an excellent understanding of its possibilities and limitations. The workers in its production department receive special training so that they know exactly what the products they manufacture will be used for later. They are fully aware that explosion safety has to be taken very seriously."
Gerhard Nied
Director of technology
”REMBE® explosion safety solutions are characterised by a high level of innovation. Only recently, our companies worked together as partners to launch an innovative solution for protecting pneumatically filled silos. This solution saves our customers an enormous amount of money and maximizes protection against explosions.“
Karsten Frese
"Die Freundlichkeit, der gute Auftritt, der Drang die Informationen zu teilen und ein vernünftiges Produktportfolio. Ich freue mich, dass REMBE® sehr offen mit der Explosionsthematik umgeht und das auch gut vermitteln kann, gerade gegenüber Kunden und auch Anlagenbauern. Ebenso die gute Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma REMBE®, wenn es um Fragen geht oder wenn man Änderungen hat. Dort wird schnell eine Lösung gefunden, bzw. die Fragen werden auch beantwortet.“
Richard Siwek
”Explosion safety is an issue in every industry, from wood and chemicals to food and pharmaceuticals – it is often possible to minimize the risk of explosion. However, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the hazard entirely. This is why it is important to take action before disaster strikes and trust the professionals in this vital area. Unfortunately, too many companies still fail to focus on providing the correct protection and every year people die as a consequence. In addition, the commercial damage suffered by plant operators is often devastating. The specialists from REMBE® are an excellent choice if you are interested in reliable and cost-effective explosion safety.“
Klaus Rabenstein
Explosion safety specialist
”We often use REMBE® explosion vents for explosion safety in our outdoor filter plants. The explosion vents are durable and easy to install, which makes them an optimum solution for our needs. The purchased products we use in our filters must also comply with high quality standards. REMBE® fully satisfies all our requirements. Increasingly, we are fitting our indoor filter plants with Q-Rohr® protection systems. Simple, effective, affordable and space-saving, they allow our customers to integrate the filter into the production process with maximum efficiency. Both the filter and the surrounding area are optimally protected.“
Lars Dammann
Head of Occupational Health and Safety/Environment
„The key advantage of working with REMBE® is not just the extremely safe design of their explosion safety solutions but also the way they take into account your individual operating requirements. For example, when protecting our production plants REMBE® engineers also consider our high standards in the area of hygiene and offer an appropriate version of the product. As a dairy company, this is absolutely mandatory for us and our customers.“
Dawson HU
Operation manager
"REMBE® is a very special and unique company among the suppliers that I have visited, and the achievements are admirable."
Darko Custic
"It looks like you love what you do."
James Brown
"You guys were excellent hosts for the DIERS Meeting. You could not have done a better job."
Fisher Inc.
Harold G. Fisher
"The technical presentation, the physical plant: It is obvious, that this is a well-managed, well-run company."
Robert D’Alessandro (retired)
"I know Orhan Karagöz, Director of Business Development, for many years, because he attends the DIERS Meeting, so I had many conversations with him and I know through that REMBE® obviously makes a very good product."
Leung Inc.
Joseph C. Leung
"I am very impressed by the people in this company, by their energetics and by their enthusiasm"
Gerhard Deitert
"You can rely on your products and your service around the clock. They have helped twice, both times, quickly and without any complications, thank you very much for going beyond what is a" normal "service!”
René Hoekstra
"When I met the REMBE® experts for the first time and spoke to them, I was really amazed at how high the standard was at REMBE® actually is. I then delved deeper into what the company REMBE® does and surprisingly I have even more for myself I've learned a lot. I think it's important to maintain these contacts so that you can always discuss specialist knowledge with one another. If you know where to get the right knowledge, that's essential! That's why I think contacts with every company are important very crucial."
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