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  • REMBE Green Black EN H500

  • REMBE Green Black EN H500

  • REMBE Green Black EN H500

REMBE® green™ initiative
At REMBE®, we achieve the maximum effect in terms of environmental protection by making what we have been successfully implementing since 1973 even more intensively and sustainably: developing and producing protective systems for industry that not only professionally and seamlessly protect our customers' systems and machines, but also avoid environmentally harmful emissions, sustainably eliminate leakages and defuse noise pollution.

Bhopal, Chernobyl, Seveso and Fukushima are synonyms for environmental catastrophes in industry in the past decades - with devastating consequences for people and nature.

These could have been avoided with well thought-out and reliable safety technology.

REMBE® rupture discs and explosion protection systems secure processes worldwide and in all industries and contribute every day to making this planet safer. With our REMBE® green™ initiative, we are going many steps further and, in addition to our daily business, we are committed to protecting our planet.

Our new family member: RENBO the reindeer
Reindeer live in the northern polar regions. This animal species is also endangered by climate change, as the average annual temperature is rising much faster in these areas, which means that their livelihoods are changing. Frozen meltwater makes it more difficult for animals to find food, which in turn leads to a lack of nutrients, and melting ice becomes a life-threatening challenge on the animals' migration routes. To mark the company's anniversary, our Finnish subsidiary REMBE® Oy has agreed a sponsorship for RENBO with a private farm in Lapland. Here, RENBO lives with other reindeer in the wild every six months, while being provided with food in winter. Through the sponsorship, we contribute to the animal's food supply and tracking.
REMBE® green™ collection campaign for discarded electrical devices.
On the one hand, disposing of discarded electrical devices in household waste would be far too bad, as many rare earths are lost in the process and further resources have to be mined unnecessarily. On the other hand, it harms the environment and is therefore prohibited by law. Therefore, the REMBE® green™ team organized a campaign where employees could hand in their old devices and receive a fresh waffle in return. The devices are given to NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany), which in turn ensures that the cell phones are reprocessed to make the raw materials usable again and increase the life cycle of a cell phone. NABU receives a certain reward from this, which is used for insect protection.
50 Years – 500 Trees.
The Brilon family owned company REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control in celebration of its 50th anniversary is reforesting 500 European Larches in this wooded area. With its wide ecological amplitude, the larch, which is native to Europe, is an important mixed tree species and, as a so-called pioneer tree species, indispensable for the protection of the forest.
Gold polar bear sponsorship
Gold polar bear sponsorship
Because of our mascot REMBO, it is of course an affair of the heart for us to support the largest land-dwelling predator species through our "GOLD sponsorship at the WWF". REMBE has therefore been the proud sponsor of a polar bear since November 2021. Unfortunately, the animals threatened with extinction are considered a particularly sad symbol of climate change. Their habitat - the pack ice - literally melts away from under their paws. Unfortunately, in their search for food, they are increasingly drawn to human settlements in the hope of finding some food on their rubbish dumps. We are pleased to be able to support the WWF in their climate protection work and to help them improve the coexistence between humans and polar bears.
Greenhouse gas balance
CO2 Footprint
How can a company like REMBE® keep its carbon footprint as low as possible in order to protect the environment? To do this, you first need an analysis of how much CO2 is actually generated in the company. Based on this carbon footprint and how we can compensate and reduce it, further projects in the REMBE® green™ team have emerged.
REMBE® WeltWald™
We are reforesting
Here we are reforesting 8 hectares of forest near Brilon, Germany's most forest-rich city. The bark beetle plague destroyed a large part of the Brilon city forest. In the REMBE® WeltWald™, trees from all over the world are gradually being planted and their growth observed under the changed climatic conditions. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Goettingen University. Diversification will help to make the tree population more resilient in the long term.
REMBee Honey
REMBE® cooperates with regional beekeepers and supports the construction of further beehives. We will bring in the first “harvest” this summer. If you want to try a glass, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
REMBE® fruit + vegetables
Crunchy regional
We obtain the weekly fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries from our local and regional farmers. Do you already know our REMBE ® OGS? The reusable fabric fruit and vegetable sack? We'll be happy to send you one.
REMBE® e-charging stations
We have set up charging stations at our Zur Heide location so that our hybrid service vehicle fleet can cover short distances electrically. Our visitors who arrive with an electric car can also recharge their batteries here.
Energy-saving lighting
Well lit
As early as 2019, we replaced the old lighting in production and in the offices with energy-saving LED lights. This not only saves a lot of money, but also ensures better illumination of the work areas.
Environmentally friendly packaging
Away with the plastic
No more plastic, boxes made of environmentally friendly cardboard: The new generation of REMBE® packaging for rupture discs not only looks cool, it also has the least possible impact on the environment.
A new life
The service life of REMBE® products is above average compared to the industry. Although the product selection is based on safety-relevant requirements depending on the process conditions and the medium used, we offer you a technically sensible, economical and sustainable solution. So no throwaway mentality due to rupture discs bursting too early, but a proper solution that will last a lifetime. That is our claim.
Grey energy
A new life
We currently need more space for new production methods and offices. We make sure that the existing buildings are not completely demolished. Because when these were built decades ago, a lot of energy was needed for steel beams, concrete ceilings, foundations, etc. Why do you destroy this energy? We build our REMBE® buildings on these values and thus receive a lot of so-called grey energy.
    The fact that our ideas, safety concepts and products already protect human lives and the environment is not enough for us. REMBE® wouldn't be REMBE® if we didn't think outside the box like we did.

    ✓ Consider environmental aspects even more strongly in our performance towards our customers and partners.
    ✓ Be able to make the performance of our customers and partners more efficient and at the same time more environmentally friendly.
    That drives us on anew every day. Go on.
    For people and for nature. For life.
    Safety is for life.™
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